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Tim Barron's Radio Michigan is the culmination of more than 30 years of broadcast radio experience now presented in the setting of the future: Internet distribution of radio.

Veteran Tim Barron's program makes anyone, anywhere a listener!

This site offers Tim's unique views and opinions, topical news of the day and interviews with the people who matter. It is a top-to-bottom, coast-to-coast Michigan-focused place with webcams, news and more.

There is music here too...from Tim's record collection, five decades in the making!

Listen on your desktop, laptop, in your car via phone, tablet or smartdash. If you have access to the Internet, you can hear us!

Mike Hughes Joins Tim Barron's Radio Michigan

Nationally recognized television critic and observer, Mike Hughes,  joins Tim Barron's Radio Michigan every Monday for a look at the upcoming week in television.

For nearly 3 decades, Mike provided the Lansing State Journal and the rest of the Gannett newspaper chain with television critiques and analysis. Now an independent writer, Mike provides the same services to papers coast to coast; including  the Lansing State Journal and online anytime at Mikehughes.tv 

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Off The Air, Onto The Web!

Lansing City Pulse: Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lansing DJ/community advocate to launch web-based, Michigan-centric talk show.


Radio DJs seldom know when it’s their last day behind the mic. Even the most popular personality in town could have the plug pulled at any time and for no reason. In the broadcasting industry, this guillotine method of firing staff is standard operating procedure. It sounds harsh, but it makes sense.

“It prevents unhappy, soon-to-be-ex-employees from spouting off live on the air,” explains longtime talk radio host Tim Barron. “The boss waits until you’re done for the day, then he’ll ask you to step into his office to sign some paperwork. And that’s all the notice you usually get.”

Read more at Lansing City Pulse here.


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